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​The EVO shared storage is a server that's fast and scalable with incredible workflow tools that are designed for video/film, VFX, animation, audio, and much more! 


Integrated with Your NLEs

Complete your projects faster with powerful integrations for all major NLEs. Whether you use Adobe, Final Cut, Avid, or Resolve, EVO has unique features to enhance your workflow.


Unlimited ShareBrowser MAM

Search, tag, comment, and preview files from any workstation across your EVO storage, other network servers, and even cloud storage.

Access EVO from Anywhere

SNS Cloud VPN is an optional virtual private network built exclusively for EVO. It can be set up in less than an hour and provides your remote collaborators with secure and convenient access to your videos and workflow tools.

Cloud Integrated Workflows

Seamless integration with cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, and more for archive, backup, and remote/hybrid workflows.

The EVO also Includes

Automatically sync, copy, and backup your videos to other storage systems or cloud services using one-time or recurring automation jobs.

Why is the EVO right for media/content creators? 

Check out this short video to see why the EVO is the solution for editors, blockchain developers, colorists, and creative teams who needs a shared network storage workflow system to meet their goals.


EVO SNS Cloud Service

Access Media Remotely

 View, Share, & Storage



ShareBrowser MAM

SNS VPN Cloud Media Storage


Weekly: $50 - 1 TB

Monthly: $175 - 1 TB

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Services & Rates

Ready for a better post workflow? 
Book a power start call! 

Add Ons

EVO Remote Editing Workflow


ShareBrowser MAM


Cloud integrated + Backup

Weekly: $450 Per - 2TB

Monthly: $1725 Per - 2TB

The EVO is a powerful  & smooth SNS  system!

*Weekly Service

(7 days from project start date)

*Monthly Service

( 30 days from project start date)

Need a custom package? Email us!

EVO Remote Editing Storage

 Per TB: $175 Weekly /$400 Monthly

EVO SNS Cloud Storage

 Per TB: $25 Weekly / $125 Monthly

Loaner Hard Drive: Price Varies

Cold Storage: Price Varies

Additional Tasks: Price Varies

Hard Drive Pick Up/ Drop Off (LA central area):

$22 Per Hour + $.56 per mile

Sweet & Fried Productions

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